Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Code Name Story

Well, Sohail's recording of "Yona is a bear" prompted a number of questions about the origin of this code name.

Credit lies with Bogdan Tepordei of the MDM Product Team. Way to go, Bogdan! Love it!

Yona is the Cherokee work for bear. Now do you see how it ties into Sohail's sound clip?

That's also why you may have seen the bear logo (above) being used. All now sadly defunct since Yona became MDM.

The next releases (which I can't state here because they're subject to NDA) follow this theme.

It would appear that part of the Redmond culture revolves around coming up with really cool code names. There's a website on CorpNet that I found a while back (and haven't been able to find since, dadgummit) that lists hundreds of products going back a very long way.
Some are better than others, obviously, but all in all fascinating reading.

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