Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jott for Outlook

Very cool. Now you can add calendar appointments and tasks direct to Outlook through Jott. Much, much prettier than the cludgy way I was doing this before by using Jott to create appointments in my Google Calendar and then having it two-way sync (see earlier post on texting and driving on how to do this).

BTW, now they've gone out of beta this is part of a number of pay-for options they're introducing. $15/mo seems a bit high for Pro, but the $3.95 deal may be worth it. The jury's out on that one. I use it a lot, but certainly not enough to justify almost $200 in recurring annual costs.

The free service is still there and well worth it, even if it is now ad-supported :-(.

The kicker to this remains that your Security people may have some heartburn over you making a corp resource accessible externally. Actually, no, I'll re-phrase that: they will have some major heartburn, so watch out that you're not contravening a corp policy.

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