Sunday, November 16, 2008

New words entering the English language

Bought a phone recently?

There's a lot of stuff on it that you don't want, isn't there? Especially the stuff that the carriers want you to click on and maybe sign up for (can we say "Cha Ching"?).

True, there's some useful stuff (like AT&T's GPS service. If you want to throw away $9.99 a month then knock yourself out, but it's easily hacked - hint do a search on BlackJack II Hacks. You'll find it) but it's all aimed at the consumer and is an inconvenience to the enterprise. Or ringtones - everyone should spend $3-$5 on a happy little tune instead of uploading the .mp3 of your choice. Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

Hence the creation of two new words. Credit goes entirely to Scott Bedrick of Pfizer.

(Noun): Crapware. Everything that's put out there purely for generating revenue for the carriers.
(Verb): Decrappify. The process (ideally automated) of removing all the crapware that really shouldn't be there in the first place.

We're living in interesting times, folks. Either they're enterprise devices or they're not - and I emphatically come down on the side that says they are.

It would be no more acceptable to get laptops sourced with a whole bunch of crapware on them (OK, so the manufacturers do this with the consumer market, but they know better than to try that with enterprises).

The paradigm is shifting. This is a very cool place to be!

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