Friday, March 20, 2009

UK survey on mobile phones being vulnerable to Identity Theft.

Interesting survey by Credant ( just published byAuntie Beeb about the kind of data Brits are storing on phone and the risks of identity theft. The risk-taking is jaw-droppingly bad.

Apart from observing that it's a disaster waiting to happen, what jumped out at me was this "99% of people use their phones for some sort of business use – even though 26% have been instructed by their employer not to do so ".

Instructed? So who's going to pay any attention to that? Given convenience and expedience over obeying 'instructions' it's pretty obvious what users are going to do.

Why make it easy for them? Why knowingly introduce risk into the enterprise, let alone have so many people running around begging to have their identities stolen? Dumb.

Correctly configured and implemented, this risk is pretty much eliminated by WM & SCMDM. Microsoft really thought this through well and made it easy for administrators to implement common sense protection measures (well, common sense to Redmond and me and a bunch of others), and also comply with a whole gamut of regulations such as HIPPA, SOX, GLB to name but 3 US ones and with a high degree of confidence that much the same applies to UK legislation.

A train wreck waiting to happen.

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