Wednesday, March 18, 2009

When my iPhone grows up...

it still won't get close to my WM device!

Don't know the original source of the following, but it's very good and completely true!

FWIW, on my WM 6.1 device I have ActiveSync running constantly in the background therefore mail, contacts, calendar and tasks are always in synch, IE is always open, OneNote Mobile (love it!) MyPhone beta and Live Mesh for Mobile. And my battery lasts all day.

OK, so if I fire up gps or use BT for prolonged periods I'll need to plan on a charge top-up at some point, but all in all it really does work as advertised!


WinMo: Hey, iPhone. How's it goin'?
iPhone: Hey, WinMo. Be right with you. Have to finish with this iFart app.... ...Sorry 'bout that. I'm a one-track phone, ya know.

WinMo: So I hear. Isn't that going to change when you get your 3.0 upgrade?
iPhone: I was afraid you'd bring that - oops. Hang on. Got a text message. Hit my home button, will ya? ... ...
Sorry 'bout that. What were you saying? Oh, yeah. What's that called, what you were talking about? Multifrisking?
WinMo: Multitasking.
iPhone: Never heard of it. I'm getting background notifications. Is that the same thing?
WinMo: Not hardly. Oh, well. Never mind.

iPhone: Oh, c'mon, WinMo. Can I give it a shot? Huh? Can I? Can I?
WinMo: I dunno. It's pretty tough stuff. Not sure that you're up to it. Never mind that those Apple people say it robs me of my power 80 percent faster. I can handle it. You, on the other hand ...
iPhone: C'mon, WinMo! Puleeeeeeeeeze?
WinMo: Fine. But don't say I didn't warn you. Hope you've been working out.

iPhone: OK, I got special permission from my mommy to try this. Here I go. iFart: Open. Crossword puzzle: Open. E-mail: open. Safari: Open. ...
Wait. I'm starting to feel a little dizzy. Something's not right. Can't ... keep ... screen ... on. Wuzzhappenintome?

WinMo: Oh, no, iPhone! Your battery can't handle the big-boy workload! Quick! Better swap it out!
iPhone: Can't. Still ... Only ... Have ... Baby ... Built-in.

WinMo: Uh oh. Here, use my USB-cable (with its handy micro/mini-USB connector).
iPhone: Can't. Only ... Use ... Proprietary ... 30-pin. Good-bye ... Win ... Mo ...

Moral of the story: Some phones are meant for getting things done. Others are meant to be shiny. Maybe next time you'll get your multitasking, little iPhone.

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